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Coursework Online is a leading academic counselling forum that facilitates students with professional writers in their coursework, essays, assignment and other academic projects.
The services provided by the company are proposed to be used as a reference purpose only.
We provide all services after making a mutual agreement with the student who need guidance to research, write and proofread an academic project. The model papers that are provided by our writers are only used to generate ideas and to get help in paper editing session.
We strictly advise our customers not to submit the model paper as it is to their reviewer to achieve better results. Instead we instruct them to use it as a model paper to enhance their skills and knowledge in the core areas of the subject to earn the best grades with their own efforts.
Therefore, if any student will hand over the model paper as it is to their reviewer after obtaining it from us then we’re not responsible for any action that would be taken by their educational organisation or any other authority.